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WindSoHy's business advantage stems from combining clean, efficient, cost-effective and renewable energy technologies to create greater reliability and profitability.

Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) is rapidly gaining recognition as the most cost-effective and reliable source of baseload power available today. By integrating wind power with CAES and Hydrogen, WindSoHy will become one of the world's first producers of totally renewable baseload, peak demand power.


 Wind power, produced by wind turbines large and small, is receiving intense interest because it is non-polluting, abundant, and the lowest-priced source of electricity. Erecting, operating, and maintaning wind turbines is very cost-effective compared to other power sources. Most people appreciate the aesthetic appearance of wind farms, and the quiet operation of the latest wind turbine technology. 


Sandia Labs

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Utility Integration of Wind Group (UWIG)

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International Energy Agency


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Combining CAES  with wind power joins two advanced, clean-power technologies to meet the demand for baseload electricity using a renewable resource--even when the wind isn't blowing. CAES technology transforms the intermittent quality of wind into reliable baseload electricity by storing electricity produced by wind turbines as compressed air during off-peak hours, and releasing it during peak demand as clean, readily available electrical power. This technology will allow WindSoHy to produce a baseload electrical power supply using only clean, renewable sources.

Until recently, the perception that coal and nuclear power could keep pace with the growing demand for electricity led to limited development of CAES technology. As a result, only two CAES plants--a 290 MW plant built in 1978 in Germany and a 110 MW plant built in the United States in 1991--were built over the past three decades. Both have performed with outstanding 97% reliability, consistently exceeding the reliability of other types of baseload power by 10-20% since their operations began. 

In our current national effort to update and improve our energy infrastructure and power grid, additional CAES plants are now being planned around the U.S. However, WindSoHy's wind/CAES/H2 plants will be the first to use completely renewable energy resources.


 Abundant, safe, non-polluting and cost-effective, hydrogen is earth's ideal energy source. It can be consumed as a fuel and used to produce electricity.   
WindSoHy is working  to develop hydrogen technology and reduce dependence on costly and polluting fossil-fuels. Check our website periodically for future announcements about our hydrogen-based, clean-energy projects.   
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