Energy Storage for the 21st Century

WindSoHy: A Leader for the 21st Century

In the global effort to develop cost-effective and renewable baseload power, WindSoHy is stepping forward as a bold innovator. WindSoHy's technology and business models position it as a strong leader in the energy industry. 

Combining proven technologies such as Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) with wind power and renewable hydrogen, WindSoHy will become the nation's first producer of completely clean, renewable, baseload electrical power from wind.  

WindSoHy is developing several projects to help meet the demand for renewable baseload power. Our projects will produce clean, readily-dispatchable, baseload electrical power at competitive prices. 

Our advanced technologies represent an important step toward national energy independence.

The Investment Opportunity

WindSoHy is seeking world class investors. The business advantage for investors results from combining new technologies with the ability to deliver greater reliability, resiliency, and profitability.

Our unique projects 

are designed to

to meet the growing global 

demand for renewable 

baseload power 

& grid protection.

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about our management team,  world-class engineering  partners, projects, and advanced technologies . 

Joe Spease: "Creating an Energy Legacy"

As CEO, I'm responsible for providing leadership and anticipating the needs of the future energy market. I'm also responsible for generating revenue, rewarding investors, and ensuring a positive impact on local communities. 

WindSoHy's vision of a totally new source of cheap, clean baseload power using technological advances that will strengthen the nation's energy grid and boost energy independence is a great source of inspiration. 

We're creating new "green energy jobs," and helping to reduce energy costs, while decreasing the need to burn fossil fuels. These benefits will create a valuable and lasting legacy. We are excited to be part of America's renewable energy future!  

Mission Statement

WindSoHy will develop renewable energy and energy storage projects that make use of off-peak power. Our renewable energy projects will advance the global transition to clean renewable resources for utility-scale, baseload electrical power and clean vehicular fuel. 

The WindSoHy Difference

 WindSoHy is an innovative company driven to change the world. Wind energy is a good alternative to fossil fuel and nuclear power. But what happens when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine? WindSoHy has the answer: Compressed air Energy Storage (CAES).

Without energy storage, the world would always be dependent on some source of non-renewable baseload power, either from fossil fuels or nuclear sources.

CAES changes the energy equation for the world. With CAES, the wind at night, an almost worthless commodity, is utilized to create pressurized air that is released during  peak demand periods to provide clean, low-cost baseload power.

WindSoHy’s baseload power will be the best, low-cost option for utilities. Wind/CAES is lower in cost than coal, nuclear, or natural gas power. Wind/CAES is the best solution environmentally and economically. And wind/CAES will accelerate the development of wind power, since it solves the problem of wind’s variability and night-time congestion from several wind projects.

WindSoHy also has the ultimate solution to vehicular fuels: Renewable hydrogen (H2) made from the wind at night and water, using electrolysis. WindSoHy’s H2 is cheaper and cleaner than gasoline and will gradually eliminate the need for supplies of fossil fuels.

WindSoHy is unlike any other renewable energy company in the world. Check out the WindSoHy difference.

Compressed Air Energy Storage

Compressed Air Energy Storage

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