WindSoHy CEO Selected to Serve on Department of Energy and FERC Committees

March 2018 - WindSoHy CEO Joe Spease was invited to serve on the DOE's Energy Storage System Safety Task Force, a committee writing the safety guidelines for all energy storage technologies. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) invited Spease to serve on the Mid-Continent Independent System Operator (MISO)  Energy Storage Task Force. The Task Force is creating the guidelines for integrating energy storage into regional system operations.

WindSoHy CEO Meets with Colombia's President Santos

November 2017 - Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos seeks development of a CAES project to solve the country's electricity delivery problems during peak demand. Energy regulatory agency UPME Director Ricardo Ramirez agrees that CAES is the ideal solution to their energy problems.

WindSoHy CEO Presents at CAES Conference

WindSoHy CEO Joe Spease was a featured presenter at the International Energy Storage Conference in San Diego, California.  Hundreds of participants from dozens of countries attended this premier energy storage conference. Spease explained important issues confronting wind/compressed air energy storage developers. Spease commented on the growing participation at this annual conference, saying "It is so encouraging to see people from all different parts of the energy industry coming together to support CAES. It's taken a long time for Compressed Air Energy Storage to gain recognition as an important part of energy systems. It's exciting to be a part of it." 

WindSoHy Retains TMT Capital Partners

January 2016 - WindSoHy, LLC (, a renewable-energy company, has retained Chicago-based TMT Capital Partners (TMT) to assist with fund raising. "TMT will prepare materials for securing working capital and will also help us find additional investors," said Joe Spease, founder and CEO of WindSoHy. The company's first baseload clean-energy project, a combination of wind and compressed-air-energy storage (CAES) technologies, is expected to create up to 175 full-time jobs in Kansas.