WindSoHy Retains TMT Capital Partners
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Friday, 08 May 2009
WindSoHy, LLC (, a renewable-energy company, has retained Chicago-based TMT Capital Partners (TMT) to assist with fund raising. "TMT will prepare materials for securing working capital and will also help us find additional investors," said Joe Spease, founder and CEO of WindSoHy. The company's first baseload clean-energy project, a combination of wind and compressed-air-energy storage (CAES) technologies, is expected to create up to 175 full-time jobs in Kansas.


The first Kansas project will employ two-megawatt turbines for phased project developments. The goal is to reach total energy production of 1000 megawatts of clean, baseload power on sites already leased by WindSoHy that have some of the best wind resources in the country. WindSoHy currently holds a number of leases in Western Kansas and Texas. Spease said, "The industry's rule of thumb, on which we based our employment projections, is 10 full-time jobs for every 50 two-megawatt turbines placed in operation. In addition to staffing up to 100 well-paying jobs upon completion of the wind portion of the project, the compressed-air portion of the development will create another 75 jobs. These are permanent positions. On top of those jobs, I estimate that over the course of the construction phase of the project will create 1,500 temporary jobs. Once up and running, these installations will supply a permanent source of clean, reliable and renewable energy."

WindSoHy is developing a variety of sustainable, alternative-energy projects using a mix of wind, compressed-air-energy-storage (CAES), syngas from switchgrass, solar, and hyrdrogen technologies. With a number of partnerships and strategic alliances in place, WindSoHy has "shovel-ready" clean-energy projects on which it can begin near-term construction. "For example, we have a project in the pre-construction phase that will eventually encompass thousands of acres on leased land spanning five counties in one of Kansas's best regions for high-wind quality. And we have additional projects to follow," said Spease.

WindSoHy has addressed the imperfect reliability of wind as a power source by combining wind turbines with CAES, a technology that stores compressed air underground when the wind is blowing and releases it during periods of low-wind. In addition to Kansas being a top U.S. wind region, its geology is also well suited for taking full advantage of CAES technology. Combining these two technologies in an ideal location for alternative energy such as Kansas will enable WindSoHy to offer baseload power 24/7.

Commenting on the relationship with WindSoHy, Tom Turmell, managing director of TMT Capital Partners, said "There is tremendous interest in renewable energy right now. The WindSoHy team, which has a deep background and extensive experience in alternative-energy technologies, can offer unique capabilities and opportunities to investors. Based on our experience with entrepreneurial companies, we believe that TMT Capital Partners can be a bridge to the investment community, channeling WindSoHy's expertise toward investors looking for attractive alternative-energy opportunities."

WindSoHy, LLC is a renewable energy company headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. The company currently has four major alternative energy projects in development, encompassing a variety of alternative-energy technologies such as wind, solar, hydrogen, and compressed air energy storage (CAES).


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