A Renewable Energy Leader
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Friday, 22 August 2008

A Leader for the 21st Century      

In the global effort to develop cost-effective and renewable baseload power, WindSoHy is stepping forward as a bold innovator. WindSoHy's technology and business models position it as a future leader in the energy industry. Combining proven technologies such as Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) with wind energy, WindSoHy will become the nation's first producer of completely clean, renewable, baseload electrical power from wind.  

WindSoHy is developing several projects to help meet the demand for baseload power from renewable sources. Our projects will produce clean, readily-dispatchable, baseload electrical power at competitive prices. Our technology (diagram below) represents an important step toward national energy independence.

We invite you to learn more about our management team, Board of Advisors, world-class engineering and construction partners, projects, and advanced technologies in this website.

Reflecting on our Energy Legacy 

spease_photo_web_small.jpg"As CEO, I'm responsible for providing leadership and anticipating the needs of the future energy market, generating revenue, rewarding investors, and ensuring a positive impact on local communities. I'm  inspired daily by our vision of a totally new source of clean, reliable baseload power. WindSoHy's technological advances will strengthen the nation's energy grid and boost energy independence. 

In addition, we're creating new "green jobs," and helping to slow the rise of energy costs by adding renewable sources and limiting the need to burn increasing amounts of fossil fuels. These benefits will create a valuable and lasting legacy. We are excited to be part of America's renewable energy future.  

                                    Joe Spease, CEO



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