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Wind power, produced by wind turbines large and small, is receiving intense interest because it is non-polluting, abundant, and a completely sustainable natural resource. Erecting, operating, and maintaning wind turbines is very cost-effective compared to other power sources. Most people appreciate the aesthetic appearance of wind farms, and the quiet operation of the latest wind turbine technology. In the minds of many, wind farms have ecome to symbolize a cleaner environment and greater energy independence.







For more information on wind power, click on links below:


Wind Powering America is a tremendous source for info

Sandia Labs

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

NREL - Wind to Hydrogen Report

Utility Integration of Wind Group (UWIG)

UWIG - Grid Impacts of Wind Power Variability

National Wind has great info on Transmission and Wildlife issues

International Energy Agency great info source + Wind Annual Report

Project Development Components

Site Assessment

Feasibility Studies

Environmental Impact Studies

Wind Data Acquisition

Wind Plant Design


Subsidy compared fossil fuels.pdf

KS Wind Map TruWind 70m May08.pdf


Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency


WindSoHy's technology for smaller wind turbine projects:

Skystream 3.7

Small Wind Development Timeline Diagram.ppt

SWWP Model Zoning Ordinance.doc


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