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Northwest Kansas



WindSoHy is developing a wind power and Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) project in a five county region (Logan, Thomas, Sheridan, Gove and Trego counties) in northwest Kansas.

The favorable geography has very high quality, Class 4+ winds, and will support at least 400 MW of wind capacity.






Additional characteristics include: 

  • Anticipated 400 MW wind project comprised of 200 2-MW turbines
  • Lease negotiations are complete for approximately 30,000 acres
  • Potential for 400 MW CAES plant
  • Power Purchase Agreements will be negotiated during the pre-production phase
  • Project is located along an existing 345 kilovolt line
  • New, extra-high-voltage line is planned 50 miles east of existing line

Regulatory status:

The project is located in a mostly unzoned area and has support of residents and local governmental authorities. WindSoHy will begin the permitting process in the near future.
Legal Structure
WindSoHy will organize the project as a limited liability corporation with WindSoHy as the 100% managing member.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 05 October 2010 )
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