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Government subsidies for installing solar technology can greatly reduce total energy costs for rural residents and businesses. Solar energy easily brings additional power to remote areas and relieves congestion on aging rural power grids.

Working with farmers' unions, local businesses, and representatives in "rural" areas (defined as population no more than 50,000 and at least 50 miles from larger population centers), WindSoHy is working to develop subsidized solar projects in Kansas.

solar_on_barn.jpgRural residents, farmers, and ranchers interested in subsidized solar power installations should contact WindSoHy. 

Current government subsidies for rural solar projects allow WindSoHy to significantly reduce the overall cost of electrical power and relieve congestion on rural energy grids.

For more information on Windsohy's solar technology, click on the links below:


Solar Save membrane for flat roofs/commercial buildings

Solar Save Roofing tiles for angled roofs of homes

Unisolar for metal roofs

CIGS (available Spring 2009)

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 31 July 2013 )
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