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Texas Panhandle Area Project

turbines_in_grain_field.jpgWindSoHy is developing a wind power and Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) project on approximately 30,000 acres across two ranches in Wichita and Archer counties in the Texas Panhandle area.

A wind resource assessment has been done, and the project will be complete and ready for operation in approximately two years. The area has high-quality, Class 4+ winds, and will support at least 500 MW of capacity.

Additional project characteristics: 
  1. Potential for large 200 MW CAES plant
  2. Anticipated 500 MW wind project comprised of 250 2-MW turbines
  3. Lease negotiations complete for approximately 35,000 acres
  4. Power Purchase Agreements will be negotiated during pre-production phase 
  5. High voltage line is under construction nearby and is part of Texas Competitive Renewable Energy Zone initiative

Regulatory Status  

The project is being developed in an unzoned location and has the support of local governmental authorities. WindSoHy has begun the permitting process and does not anticipate any issues.


Legal Structure  
WindSoHy will organize the project as a limited liability corporation with WindSoHy as the 100% managing member.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 05 October 2010 )
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